Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Zimbabwe 2016


Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Zimbabwe

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Zimbabwe 2016: Are you looking for the cheapest car Insurance companies in Zimbabwe? Compare the list of car insurance companies offering car Insurance in Zimbabwe and select the best company that fulfil your all needs. We know that when you are buying the car Insurance policy, it is tempting to go the cheapest insurance company. You know that the Third Party insurance is the minimum level of insurance which complete and satisfies the requirement of the car insurance laws of Zimbabwe as declared by the Road Traffic Act. However, anyhow you claim for Third party insurance, it offers very little protection.  It is important to understand what you are being covered. Third party Insurance is the primary cover, and it protects the policyholder against loss or damage to third Party Properties in the case of accident and death or bodily injury to these Third Parties. It is also covering any legal liabilities comes up from the policy buyer’s driving resulting in any of the accidents- property damage, bodily injury, death to third parties. If you are taking Third party fire and theft insurance then additionally with the above cover, you can also cover theft or fire damage to the policyholder of the car. You can cover your car completely by taking comprehensive car insurance and it is the most extensive, expensive and compete form of car insurance cover. In this insurance, you can additionally get all categories of cover, and it also provides accidental damage to the policy holders. But you should compare all the things before purchasing third party liability or comprehensive car insurance for your vehicle.

Types of Car Insurance in Zimbabwe 2016

  • Full third party cover –the minimum legal requirement, coverage against third party liabilities.
  • Full third party, Fire and Theft Cover – In addition to Third Paty Cover, fire and theft.
  • Comprehensive cover –the widest cover- Third Paty Cover, fire and theft, accidental damage, third party property damage.

Compare Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Zimbabwe 2016

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