Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Kenya 2016


Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Kenya 2016: Are you searching for the best cheapest car insurance in Kenya? Do you want to insure your car at a favorably cheap rate? Then find below a list of the cheapest insurance companies available in Kenya for comparison.  After comparing you can select the right company that suits you the best.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Kenya

A person can insure almost anything now a day and if you are in Kenya and have a car then its must to buy third party car insurance. For most car holders in Kenya, the third party car insurance coverage is usually the most crucial type of coverage. It is also known that it is compulsory and required by law. However, the third party liability coverage is only limited to damage and physical injuries in case of an accident.

For those people who use their car often, stay in a flood zone area where demonstrations are likely to happen, should know that apart from accidents, there are many other ways to which their cars can be damaged. This is the reason that third party car insurance is not always efficient, and then comprehensive insurance comes in handy. Comprehensive car insurance in Kenya covers damage like fire, animal damage, theft, vandalism, the weather and falling objects as a result of other incidents other than an accident. You should note that it is not compulsory insurance and not required by the Kenyan law, but it may be a good in a difficult situation, especially if you think the value of the car you drive.

Types of Car Insurance in Kenya 2016

  • Third party liability car insurance.
  • Comprehensive car insurance.

Compare Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Kenya 2016

There are many cars insurance companies are active in Kenya who represent their self as the cheapest company. Like CIC Insurance (Co-operative Insurance), Jubilee Insurance Company, Blue Shield insurance company, etc.  Compare given companies features and policy and choose the best.

The comparison list will be updated soon 

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