Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Israel 2016


Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Israel 2016:- Car insurance in Israel can be confusing for the insurance buyer that’s why we have created this article to help you find the cheapest car insurance company in Israel. While purchasing a car it is mandatory that you insured your car with best converge. Car insurance main purpose to provide financial protection against physical damages, the liability that arises in the case of accidents. Accordingly, the law of Israel a car holder is obligated to have the basic levels of car insurance in order to legally drive the car and this legal requirement known as Hebrew as Teudat Chova or Bituach Chova  or in the English language -The Compulsory Insurance Certificate. Car insurance policy of Israel is different from other countries policy apparently.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Israel

There are mostly three types of car insurance in Israel

  • Bituach Chova (Mandatory Insurance):- This is the sole legal requirement in Israel. The cost of this insurance laid down by the age of driver and types of vehicle, usage, accidents history and features. This insurance covers personal injuries it doesn’t matter who is guilty.
  • Bituach Makif (Comprehensive Insurance):- This insurance is based on who is at fault. This insurance cover damage of your vehicle and third party vehicle up to the sum insured specified in car insurance policy. In addition, it covers your car for explosion, collision, fire and theft.
  • Tzad Gimmel (Third Party Insurance):- This type of insurance only covers damage to a third party property not to your own vehicle if it is stolen or damaged.

Some features that impact car insurance premium:-

  • Age, gender and experience of the driver.
  • Numbers of people insured to drive the car are also impacted premium of Car insurance
  • Claim-free years of driving

Compare Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Israel 2016

You can compare insurance converge, policies and rates among many companies and after all that select one insurance company which is best for you.

 Comparison list will be updated soon

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